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Community Foundation of Jackson Hole is a new digital greeting card service that saves resources, raises money and builds awareness of charities. Based in Jackson Hole, EcoCards was created to encourage people to use the funds traditionally spent on paper cards and postage (i.e.: holidays, birthdays, thank-you notes, save the date, etc.) and donate that money to benefit charities.


Sent by environmentally conscious individuals, each EcoCard sent raises $1 for a specified charity.


EcoCards in an online store of digital e-cards. With each card sent, donors make a donation to a charity of their choice ($1 or more) instead of wasting money and resources on paper cards and stamps.


"This is a great way to send holiday greetings! You have an opportunity to make an environmentally friendly decision to donate to a worthy charity."

Children's Cause

Save Resources. Raise Money & Awareness for Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy.

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A Christmas card snafu several years ago made Bextel start thinking about options other than the traditional paper variety. She had hired a photographer to snap her family at sunset in front of the Moulton Barn in the dead of winter. She ordered cards printed with the photograph and paid $80 to have them overnighted.